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From Lee Cooper

Seafish National Learning & Standards Manager email: Tel: 01482 486482

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January 13, 2022

During 2020 and 2021 Seafish and the Scottish Seafood Training Network partners supported a large number of businesses with specialist training and funding.

The SSTN administered “upskilling” funding was only available to businesses in Scotland, while Seafish’s funding is for all businesses in the UK.

The Seafish funding supports a more limited range of training courses than that for Scotland, and both funds strongly promote the delivery of remote training rather than face to face training.

Remote delivery of training “has been something of an unexpected success”  and “we will continue to offer remote courses long after the pandemic is over” said Lee Cooper of Seafish.

Remote training is here to stay. read Simon Potten’s (Seafish Head of Safety and Training) December 2021 blog on his topic.

For more information on the funding use the two links below.

Seafish Funding. This funding is continuing until March 2022.

The “Upskilling” fund closed in September 2021. Currently (Jan-Mar 2022) Seafood Scotland and the other partners in the Network are providing support for a Business Improvement Programme that significantly expands the level and range of support for Scottish businesses. To find out more visit this Seafood Scotland webpage. Note: applications to access the fund should be made without delay.

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