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March 22, 2020

Seafood 2040 is an England-only programme that works with the seafood industry to ensure a thriving industry in the future. The programme is facilitated by Seafish, funded by EMFF and supported by Defra and industry.

Recently SF2040 received further EMFF funding to identify the issues, gaps and solutions in skills, training, recruitment and retention in various sectors, including the fishmonger sector. England’s seafood industry needs a joined-up approach to better understand labour market patterns as well as improved training and career planning in order to ensure the industry has the tools to prosper and attract and retain talent.

As a fishmonger, we are very interested in your thoughts about the skills, training, recruitment and retention problems facing your sector.

SF2040 invites you to participate in an online survey.

The survey will result in a report outlining the problems and solutions that will enable government and industry to develop a partnered approach that supports the industry’s needs in the future.

Your voices are needed to ensure a comprehensive and meaningful report. To participate in the survey please contact Kimberly at

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