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June 8, 2020

The Master Fishmonger Standard

Passionate about fish and the environment, whilst upholding the heritage and craftmanship of the fishmonger trade, the Master Fishmonger Standard (MFS) celebrates professional excellence by certifying fishmongers with extensive professional skills and knowledge.

Developed by the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers (The Fishmongers’ Company), the Master Fishmonger Standard certification programme is the first of its kind for the fishmonger industry. We value skilled craftmanship, quality seafood and responsible and sustainable practices.

Recognising achievement across all levels, the Standard provides a system of nationally recognised grades which reflect levels of attainment within the fishmonger profession. By rewarding excellent practice across the trade, the Standard strives to encourage and enable a high standard of skill and the growth of knowledge about the seafood industry.

As a truly independent organisation, the Fishmongers’ Company governs the Standard, with training and assessment provided by the Company-approved regional delivery centres and assessors.

The MFS Fishmonger Standards:

MFS Recognised Fishmonger

A well-rounded fishmonger or blocksman with great husbandry craft skills and who demonstrates exceptional drive and tenacity. Tier requirement: Minimum of 2 years’ industry experience.

MFS Craft Fishmonger

MFS Craft Fishmongers are highly skilled and experienced in the art of preparing a range of fish and shellfish products with minimum loss of yield and at efficient speeds. Tier requirement: Minimum of 4 years’ industry experience.

MFS Advanced Fishmonger

An experienced and dexterous supervisor or manager within the fishmonger trade, who understands the seafood supply chain, quality assessment, food safety and HACCP, handling and processing, as well as business and finance. Tier requirement: Minimum of 5 years’ industry experience.

MFS Master Fishmonger

An innovative, knowledgeable and highly-skilled fishmonger, with a wealth of experience in the industry. Master Fishmongers have their own fishmonger business or work in senior management, they support training and development initiatives and are advocates for the industry. Tier requirement: Minimum of 10 years’ industry experience.

MFS Companion Fishmonger

An esteemed fishmonger who has demonstrated outstanding lifetime achievements in the fish trade. Tier requirement: Retired fishmonger

To find out more about becoming certified, please check out the website:

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